Think allergies are only in the spring? Think again.

Don’t you just love fall? College football, ragweed, high school football, cotton dust. There are two common themes here, …

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Back to school means time to prepare for a change of seasons

It has been hard work all summer to keep the grass and shrubs trimmed and looking neat. All the …

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We Have Electrifying News For You

It feels a little bit like Christmas morning here at Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric, and we’re hoping you …

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Whole-House Fans Can Keep Your Home Comfortable

Whole-house fans may be one of the most ignored options when it comes to energy-efficient cooling. Some homeowners may …

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A/C Troubles? You Probably Need A Leak Search

It’s another hot West Texas summer, and it’s no fun to come home after a long day at work, …

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A Hot House Is No Way to Live This Summer

If you know all about the “cool side of the pillow”, chances are your bedroom is way too hot. …

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Fight Back Against Dust & Allergens in Your Home

Lubbock’s windy weather can be much more than an annoyance. It can be a health hazard. The wind carries …

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Hitting the Road for Vacation? Keep Your Home Safe

It’s time for Willie Nelson to sing, “On the Road Again”. It’s time to get ready to hit the …

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Why Ductless HVAC is a Hot Topic

There’s a new saying in the HVAC industry, “Once you go ductless you’ll never go back.” Armstrong Plumbing, Air …

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Ignoring Your Water Heater Could Waste $$$

It’s in your house somewhere. You probably never think about it. In some cases, it might be hiding where …

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R-22 refrigerant Phaseout Causing Refrigerant Confusion & Danger

This whole R-22 refrigerant story is really getting crazy. Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric wants to make sure it …

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Replace Your AC Before the Summer Heat Arrives

Spring means the hot weather isn’t far away. All of a sudden you are remembering what it was like …

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"The new air conditioner is fantastic. It is so quiet and smooth and cool. We can never express to you the appreciation for working with us on this." - Jack D.
"Great job on a late Saturday night—completely satisfied!" - David S.